Questions that attract many replies and Kiwi Followers

News 07:06 June 2019:

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Kiwi is built specifically for asking and answering questions. There are millions of users on it, but not everyone gets to attract as many followers as they deserve. You ask why? It all lies in the type of interactions you bring up on the app. Questions that appear personal or questions revolving minor common things people do on a daily basis may not attract as many Kiwifollowers as interactions about politics, sports and other forms of entertainment.

Academic interactions are also very popular on Kiwi, and they could give quite a number of following if you are good at answering them. Also bear in mind that kiwi is popular with people of all ages, and it is therefore not strange to find out that half your Kiwi followers are teens and pre-teens. But of course it all goes back to the types of conversations you bring up. Note however that the most followed Kiwi users are people good at giving precise, correct and helpful answers to other people’s questions. So if you keep asking questions but don’t get to answer many of them, you might not get very popular around here.