How Twitter Likes Could Help

News 04:09 September 2019:

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The shift from favorites to twitter likes by twitter is an impressive one that has a lot to offer to many people. One can say that the favorite approach limited people from expressing their view of a tweet. When you clicked the favorite you had to be sure that you want that as part of your favorite tweets. It had to be special or have had an impact on your mind. You wouldn’t have wanted to favorite anything that was not very catchy.
The like idea has now shifted the ground field. You do not have to find a tweet truly amazing for you to like. It may just be a tad bit funny. You may also just mildly identify with it and thus you can like it. Thus is a good thing as you can thus benefit from having a lot of likes. The likes increase one’s tweet popularity. The twitter likes also give you a chance to improve on your twitter presence. The more the likes the higher the chances of getting retweets on the tweets.