How to gain MultipleFree Instagram Viewswhile you promote your Business

News 04:09 September 2019:

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What’s so similar with Facebook and Instagram? For starters, we could say they are owned by the same company. To advertisers and every business trying to promote their brand out there however, there are a few unique trends between these two social networksyou should be tapping. For instance, when both Facebook and Instagram started, they were predominantly flocked by the young people. However, the trend has been changing over the years, and older people are increasing present on these social networks. So, what do these trends mean to someone looking forward to promote their business while increasing their free Instagram views for instance?

To begin with, Instagram looks like it won’t be a young people’s only platform in the near future. As such, any businesses whose audience does not include the young people can still join the network and start promoting their business. But to businesses whose niche market includes the young people, there is probably no better time to promote their brands with videos than at the moment.

For one, the once fifteen second videos now take 60 seconds; adding 45 more minutes for you to sell your business out there. Second, if you would love Instagram or the big advertising brands to sponsor your brand for you, Instagram’s advertising model is great and effective at reaching your targeted audiences. However, the costs of having someone else promote your Instagram videos are simply out of reach to the small and medium sized companies. And that’s leaves us with the following strategies that costs little but have a huge impact in how you impress your Instagram fan base.

Promote your Instagram Videos with actionable Hash tags

Assuming you primary goal is to create awareness about your business through great quality videos; you can go a long way in reaching out to more Instagram users by simply using an actionable hash tag. In basic terms, actionable tags are those that contain content words. Think of a tag such as #choose your beer or #weekend beer. They contain action words, and often tend to attract a more favorable reaction from people compared to passive hash tags. And not only don’t they make people want to view your Instagram videos, they also increase engagement.

Stay Relevant with your Videos

Most businesses try to over impress their Instagram followers by making videos for the sake of gaining free Instagram views. However, they forget that the main goal for making these videos should be to promote their business, products or services. In the end, they only get a few views and fail achieve their primary objective. As such, making videos for your Instagram fan base should have a purpose. The videos should be relevant to your followers as well. For instance, instead of posting videos featuring beautiful cars because most of your followers also seem to be posting the same, make a relevant video that shows the relationship between owning such a beautiful car to the banking services you sell for instance.f2

Don’t Overpost

Small businesses that experience quick popularity with their first few Instagram videos tend to lose track and start posting too much. Well, there is a lot you can do on Instagram than seeking a few free Instagram viewsevery day. With this in mind, it is probably a better idea to take time to prepare two high quality videos in a week than post a video every day that will in the end only make your followers want to unfollow you. After all, Instagram users enjoy viewing a wide variety of posts of different people than seeing the same person’s pictures and videos every other time. Remember that people get angry quick on social media, and any impression that you are boring them could make some people unsubscribe your services for life.

Utilize other Instagram Tools

Even when you main goal at the moment is to get more Instagram views from your videos, work towards gaining more followers and more engagement on your posts as well. Utilize every Instagram feature as much as possible, because it is the only way to increase your following, increase engagement and in the end attract more sales for your products. When you have an engaged audience also, there will be higher chances that they will share and react to your every post.

Look for Ideas from Related Businesses

Do you feel like you’ve already run out of ideas on videos to post? Simply follow the big brand names in your industry. Check out a few of their videos and take note of their content and how they make these videos. Learn what’s different with the brands that you are not doing on your videos. Sometimes you can also borrow ideas from your fans, and probably share some of their most viewed videos. After all, the Internet is full of people “stealing” other people’s ideas. The only difference with you is that you should make these ideas relevant to your business and to your fans.

Interact with your Fans a lot

Every time you post an Instagram video, sit back and wait for your followers to start commenting on it. After that, reply to all their comments, answer their questions and even ask them to suggest for ways to improve the videos you post. Staying connected with your fans is after all the only way to succeed on social media. If you are not there to listen to them or answer their questions, they will go somewhere else.

In conclusion, the best way to attract thousands of free Instagram views with your videos is by impressing your followers. Make excellent videos that are impressionable to them, and they will react by viewing, sharing or even buying what you sell. However, don’t spend too much on preparing one minute videos. Instead, focus on the content and how relevant it will be to your Instagram fans but all the same post high quality videos.