How not to stay irrelevant on social media

News 07:06 June 2019:

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If you are looking for free followers online, it is important to follow people who share your passion and content.  There are a lot of items posted online day and what would make others want to follow you.  By sharing with the people who share in your content you are able to find a following.  Comment on their postings and if possible post your comments too.  It is important to choose a subject you know and that you can discuss with your eyes closed.  Many people comment on even topics they have no slightest idea about.

By reaching out to your influencers or the people on the same forum, you are able to share a lot of things in common.  It is therefore important to build relationships with such group of people i.e. if you might want to enjoy their free followers status.  Don’t be so rigid by what you share, interact with those on your platform by allowing them to find you approachable.  Social media platform is one wide platform with a large number of people and if you do not know, you can make friends here that will last a lifetime.