Account Settings That Increase Your Kiwi Followers.

News 07:06 June 2019:

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After successful setting up your kiwi account, attention now shifts to getting Kiwi followers to get your engagements going. As a new account, attracting people can be hectic and will rely on the topics you choose to follow at first. Go for those that questions and answers are always ongoing throughout the day and don’t only rely on particular occasions only. That is why it is important to check and edit your profile to enable the relevant options likely to increase your engagements. It is through the engagements that you get many followers as a newbie.


First, in your privacy settings, enable the public questions to allow other users to see and upvote questions directed to you by others. Also, tick the anonymous question box to allow any user online to ask you questions even if he or she is not one of your followers. Finally, let all your posts be discoverable by showing up in recent posts and nearby feeds. By setting up all these, you increase your presence on this platform that is likely to increase your Kiwi followers.